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Since 1997

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Experience the Area’s Most Reputable Personal Trainers

We are Monmouth County’s premier personal training studio, dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and empowering our clients to achieve their personal goals. Our experienced, friendly trainers and compassionate nutrition coaches will support and motivate you every step of the way.

Experience the Area’s Most Reputable Personal Trainers

At Mike Duffy’s Personal Training we believe that in order to be the best person you can
be, the best YOU, starts and ends with proper nutrition and exercise. Nutrition and
exercise nourishes your body and helps you to run at your optimal level. Whether you
want to look or feel better it all begins with eating and training properly.

Since 1997 we have helped thousands of clients become a healthier version of
themselves through a tried and tested system of a nutritional and training system
developed by Mike Duffy. Mike has been training clients for over 25 years with fantastic
results. “I find when people are given a workout schedule to follow, given a nutrition
plan that is right for them (everyone is different) and are coached through the program
and held accountable -then they will be much more capable of attaining their goals.”

Mike Duffy’s Personal Training offers cutting edge, one-on-one attention by utilizing the
latest techniques in the fitness field. Our fitness professionals will design and
implement creative workouts. These workouts include a combination of any of the
following or a full workout in just in discipline. We accommodate all ages and interests
from weight loss and toning to general fitness, sports, specific training and
post-rehabilitation. Whatever your goals… we can help you achieve them.

All programs are available as one-on-one training only.

●  Pilates (Reformer, Tower and Mat)
●  Kickboxing/Boxing
●  Kettlebell Training
●  Weight Loss Training (21 Day Rapid Fat Loss, Body Fat Challenge)
●  Cardiovascular Training
●  Sports Specific Training (Golf, Tennis and much more)
●  Strength Training
●  Post Re-Hab Training (Injury Prevention & Recovery)
●  Flexibility Training
●  Functional Training (TRX, Balance Boards, Tubing, Cables, etc.)



Mike Duffy
Mike Duffy has been in the health and fitness business for over 30 years. He has helped thousands of people lose weight and become healthy with his amazing training system. Mike has also worked with many athletes of all ages to help them become more flexible, gain useable strength, have added power, improve their agility […]
CarolAnn Duffy
Carolann is a certified Spin & Zumba instructor with over 30 years experience. Carolann has a BBA from Iona College, graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2009 with a Holistic Health Counselor certification and is also a Level I Chek certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Her
Ernesto Roldan
Head Trainer
Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Since the 8th grade I have incorporated weight training, martial arts (currently a 6 kyu in bujinkan ninjutsu), and cardiovascular exercise in my life. I practice what I preach! I will not have you do something I haven’t done or wouldn’t do myself. I specialize […]
Brian Jensen
Boot Camp Manager
A former D 1 collegiate runner Brian has been personal training for over 9 years, 8 years here at Mike Duffy’s. Certified thru ISSA, AFTA, NASM, and specialties in ISCA Boxing, Brian is also a Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach as well as a High School Track coaching. Brian teaches Speed and agility for children and […]
Jessica Henderson
Jessica Henderson is a WITS Certified Personal Trainer who has been working with clients the past four years here at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training. Jessica is also a Certified Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Jessica utilizes her background in gymnastics, soccer, tennis and swimming as well as her certification in personal training to give a well […]
Doug Proctor

Doug, a W.I.T.S Certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience, has been a dedicated member of the Mike Duffy's team for the past 18 years. Doug uses his former disciplined Navy training and the “power of isometrics” to get his clients into shape. Doug’s favorite motto is “Come Early & Stay Late.” Doug has been responsible for some […]

Eric Kahana
Eric Kahana is a WITS Certified Personal Trainer (Level II) who has been working with clients for the past year. Eric is a graduate of Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ where competed at the D‑1 collegiate level in track and field. During his years at Monmouth, he won numerous titles over his years […]
Jay Bey
James Bey Sr otherwise known as "Coach J" is a W.I.T.S Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 2012 here at Mike Duffy's Personal Training. J has been a student of the art of Karate since a very young age and uses the discipline & focus he learned to become an amazing trainer [...]
Danny Love
Danny is an active year round athlete. He has spent most of his life making his mark in his community by offering his clients much more than a workout. Danny's clients are treated to his unique approach which encompasses exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. […]
Mario DiPreta
Mario is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. Mario has been in the fitness space for 5 years where he has continued to broaden his knowledge of functional strength, nutrition, behavior change, and heart health. […]
Leah Todres
Leah started as a client of Mike Duffy's Personal Training over 10 years ago and then joined the staff at the front desk five years ago…in that time she has competed and won a powerlifting championship for bench press from the WNPF. […]
Administration Staff
Terri McAtee, Leah Todres, Kim Largey, Hannah Kurzman and CarolAnn Duffy.
Michael Componile

Michael graduated from Coastal Carolina in 2021 with a bachelor's in Recreation and Sports Management. Growing up playing football, basketball, and baseball, he became the Head Trainer and Coach at the Manzer Basketball Academy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina shortly after graduation. Training and coaching led him to pursue his NASM Certification, and has been at Mike Duffy's [...]

Dan Addario

Daniel Addario grew up playing sports and working in construction. From a young age, he loved pushing his body to the limit and lifting heavy. He began as a Martial Arts trainer 17 years ago, and got his WITS certification in Personal Training along with a Mobility Certificate through Ready State shortly after. Dan now works as a massage therapist and personal trainer full-time. He has a [...]

Joe Sardina

Joe Sardina fell in love with working out to the extreme at a young age. Joe started weightlifting at seven years old, and by 11 was immersed in martial arts, judo, and wrestling. He pursued wrestling competitively, and at the high school level, Joe ranked in the top 10 in the state. He coached wrestling at Howell Middle School South for two years following high school, which led him to [...]