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Mike Duffy was featured on “Catch the Moment Podcast with David Tyree” in October 2022.

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Experience excellence in fitness at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training, where we believe in the power of proper nutrition and exercise to unlock your full potential. Since 1997, we've been dedicated to helping thousands of clients achieve their fitness goals and become healthier versions of themselves. Led by Mike Duffy, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience, our team offers cutting-edge, one-on-one attention tailored to your unique needs. From weight loss and toning to sports-specific training and post-rehabilitation, our fitness professionals design creative workouts to help you reach your goals. Start your journey to a healthier you today with Mike Duffy’s Personal Training.


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Cutting-Edge Training Techniques

Stay ahead with the latest fitness innovations at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training. Our team utilizes cutting-edge methods to deliver effective and efficient workouts tailored to your goals.

Personalized Attention

Experience personalized training designed specifically for you. Our dedicated trainers provide one-on-one attention, guiding you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

Creative Workout Design

Break the monotony with our dynamic and engaging workouts. From high-intensity intervals to strength training, we design diverse routines to keep you motivated and challenged.

Comprehensive Program Options

Whatever your fitness goals, we have a program for you. From weight loss to sports-specific training, our range of options ensures we can help you achieve success.


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Mike Duffy is not your average personal trainer. With over 35 years of experience sculpting bodies and transforming lives, he stands as a testament to the power of dedication and expertise in the realm of fitness and wellness. His journey began with a burning passion for health and vitality, leading him to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, laying down a solid foundation of knowledge upon which he would build his illustrious career.

Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Mike is more than just a trainer; he's a holistic guide to total wellness. He firmly believes that true fitness goes beyond mere physical appearance, encompassing holistic nutrition to increase Lifespan & well-being. With this holistic approach at the forefront of his practice, Mike seamlessly integrates the principles of holistic nutrition into his training regimens, recognizing the profound impact that diet and lifestyle have on overall health and fitness.

In his relentless pursuit of excellence, Mike has pursued further education and specialization, obtaining a Post-Rehabilitation Certification that equips him with the knowledge and skills to effectively work with clients recovering from various orthopedic injuries. Additionally, he is a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, further enhancing his ability to address the diverse needs and goals of his clientele.

Mike's training philosophy is as dynamic as his clientele. Drawing from a diverse array of modalities including Pilates, Bodyweight Training, TRX Training, as well as Bodybuilding and Powerlifting techniques, he crafts personalized programs tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. His approach is rooted in principles of functional movement and strength, aiming not only to build muscular prowess but also to improve overall mobility, stability, and endurance.

Beyond his impressive credentials and technical expertise, what truly sets Mike apart is his unwavering commitment to his clients' success. He serves not just as a trainer, but as a mentor, motivator, and unwavering source of support on their journey to better health and vitality. With Mike Duffy by their side, clients don't just achieve their fitness goals – they surpass them, unlocking their full potential and embracing a life of wellness, vitality, Button and abundance.

CarolAnn Duffy is a seasoned AFFA certified Aerobics instructor with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. Armed with a BA from Iona College, she embarked on a journey to promote holistic health and wellness. Graduating from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition as a Holistic Nutrition Counselor and earning her certification as a CHEK Holistic Health Counselor, CarolAnn delved into the intricacies of nutrition and its profound impact on well-being.

As the Nutrition Department Head at Mike Duffy's Personal Training Studios, where she is also a part owner, CarolAnn oversees the integration of nutrition principles into fitness regimens. Her fervent dedication lies in empowering individuals to lead vibrant, pharmaceutical-free lives by embracing a wholesome lifestyle. With a particular focus on children's health, she strives to instill healthy habits from an early age, envisioning a future where disease-free living is the norm. CarolAnn Duffy epitomizes the fusion of expertise, passion, and advocacy in the pursuit of optimal health for all.



Boot Camp Manager

Brian Jensen is a certified personal trainer. He holds certifications from NASM, AFTA and ISSA. He is also a CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Brian specializes in Boxing, Stretching and Group Fitness Classes. Brian has 15 years experience working as a personal trainer. His favorite training styles are tabata and circuit training. Brian attended Lockhaven University where he ran track. He is also a Jui Jitzu instructor and competes in tournaments throughout the year. He is the proud father of two amazing sons.

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Since the 8th grade I have incorporated weight training, martial arts (currently a 6 kyu in bujinkan ninjutsu), and cardiovascular exercise in my life. I practice what I preach! I will not have you do something I haven’t done or wouldn’t do myself. I specialize


Head Trainer


Doug, a W.I.T.S Certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience, has been a dedicated member of the Mike Duffy's team for the past 18 years. Doug uses his former disciplined Navy training and the “power of isometrics” to get his clients into shape. Doug’s favorite motto is “Come Early & Stay Late.” Doug has been responsible for some

Jessica Henderson is a WITS Certified Personal Trainer who has been working with clients the past four years here at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training. Jessica is also a Certified Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Jessica utilizes her background in gymnastics, soccer, tennis and swimming as well as her certification in personal training to give a well



James Bey Sr otherwise known as "Coach J" is a W.I.T.S Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 2012 here at Mike Duffy's Personal Training. J has been a student of the art of Karate since a very young age and uses the discipline & focus he learned to become an amazing trainer

Eric Kahana is a WITS Certified Personal Trainer (Level II) who has been working with clients for the past year. Eric is a graduate of Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ where competed at the D‑1 collegiate level in track and field. During his years at Monmouth, he won numerous titles over his years



Leah Todres is a NASM certified personal trainer with 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Leah like to focus her clients workout on strength training utilizing body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands. She also likes to incorporate Pilates and balance training. She prides herself on her work with peri and post menopausal women helping them develop and maintain strength as their bodies age.

Mario DiPreta holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. He is an ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. Mario has 6 years experience as a personal trainer and a background working in a hospital setting with stroke and heart attack patients with their Cardiac Re-Hab.

Mario specializes in many areas including strength training for all populations, Corrective Exercise, Posture, Balance and functional strength for older adults, Powerlifting and Olympic lifting, Mobility and sport specific conditioning and strength. Mario is an avid beach volleyball player and you can usually find him on the beaches of Point Pleasant enjoying his passion on weekends in the Summer.



Terri McAtee, Leah Todres, Kim Largey, Hannah Kurzman and CarolAnn Duffy.

Daniel Addario grew up playing sports and working in construction. From a young age, he loved pushing his body to the limit and lifting heavy. He began as a Martial Arts trainer 17 years ago, and got his WITS certification in Personal Training along with a Mobility Certificate through Ready State shortly after. Dan now works as a massage therapist and personal trainer full-time. He has



I have always had a passion for fitness and wellbeing. I began with Mike Duffy's Personal Training as a client 'in 2020 and fell in love with their brand. I spent 25 years in law enforcement and retired in 2022. It only seemed natural to become part of the Duffy family. I began my second career as a personal trainer by obtaining my NASM certification. I love seeing clients progress. The smile on a client's face when they reach a goal is priceless and motivating. My mission is to help as many people reach their fitness goals by teaching proper technique and keep motivating them to strive for more.

Discover Unparalleled Fitness Expertise in Your Area

Explore the pinnacle of personal training excellence at our renowned studio. As Monmouth County’s foremost destination for fitness enthusiasts, we're committed to fostering healthy lifestyles and empowering our clients to reach their aspirations. With a team of seasoned trainers and supportive nutrition coaches, we're here to guide and inspire you on your fitness journey, every step of the way.

Since 1997 we have helped thousands of clients become a healthier version of themselves through a tried and tested system of a nutritional and training system developed by Mike Duffy.



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