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Leading a healthier lifestyle doesn’t only mean looking and feeling great. But if it costs you an arm and a leg in the process, you may feel justified to ask yourself why you should even bother trying at all. However, being healthy doesn’t necessarily equate to spending more. See these tips on how to live healthily while saving money (and even making money) in the process.

Fuel Expenses

Choosing to run, walk, or cycle instead of using your vehicle can also end up saving you a lot of money on fuel and maintenance expenses whilst still achieving your health and wellness goals.

Consumable Expenses

Leading a healthier lifestyle often means following a customized eating plan as part of your daily eating habits. If you are used to eating out more often than not, you can save money on food by rather eating a healthier diet of your choice at home instead. Even using smaller plate sizes and drinking more water each day can prevent overeating so you don’t gain weight. Be intentional about the money you spend on health and beauty products, too. Don’t overindulge or buy more products than you’ll actually use.

How to Save Even More

Of course, there are plenty of other creative ways to save even more money when you decide to go along the healthy lifestyle route. Some of the things that you can do to ensure you don’t end up spending more than you actually have to include buying perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs in bulk and in season, opting for affordable fruits and vegetables instead of more expensive meat items.

Instead of spending money on an expensive gym membership, use what you have. If you have a bicycle, start riding it more often. If you have hand weights or a jump rope, integrate those into your routine. Even a walk around the block every evening can make a big difference. If you do choose to invest in one or two key pieces of equipment, look for good deals. For instance, a recumbent bike can be a great option if going outside to exercise is difficult because of air quality or weather. Look online for one that is well rated, but reasonably priced. Then, look around for deals before purchasing.

Speaking of exercise, you can also save even more money if you take up jogging and get fit for free! And if you have a dog, you can take your furry friend with you. They’ll appreciate the attention, and you’ll both benefit from the exercise and fresh air. It’s a good idea to invest in an escape-proof harness, though, so that you can keep a close eye on your exercise buddy.

Generating Income from a Healthier Lifestyle

In addition to saving money from healthier lifestyle choices, you can also use these same lifestyle changes to generate further income for yourself. Furthermore, Parade magazine notes that you could turn your newfound passion into a side hustle that not only generates revenue but can also help other people meet their health and wellness goals too.

For instance, you could start a blog documenting your journey and what steps you took to achieve a better and healthier state of mind apart in addition to the physical steps you take to achieve a healthier lifestyle overall. Then, you could use affiliate marketing to advertise healthy products or services, which could earn you a commission. Or, maybe your passion is yoga. Then you could even think of starting your own yoga classes from home.

When you’re ready to start a new company, you have to go about choosing a business name, formulating a marketing and sales plan, and determining whether you’ll need funding. You’ll also have to choose a business structure so that you can get your business filed, running, and off the ground. A NJ S corporation enables you to maintain more control over your company, while at the same time limiting your individual tax liability. In addition, an S corp allows you to make direct distributions of profits, giving you greater flexibility in managing and growing your business.

Be sure to set up a good accounting system, too. You might feel it’s not necessary in the early stages of your business, but it’s best to have these things in place early on. There are great accounting software options for small businesses. It’s also important to have invoices ready for future contractors and patrons.

In summary, leading a healthier lifestyle means making the best choices not only for your physical and mental well-being, but for your finances, too. That way you’re not being set back by financial constraints that could otherwise have been avoided. It’s even possible to earn income from your healthy lifestyle by starting a business!

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