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Adam Molinelli (right) had 5 shoulder surgeries to fix multiple shoulder labrum tears and multiple biceps tendon tears prior to working out with us. This was the result of many football and baseball injuries.

After Physical Therapy was complete, Adam wanted to get back to weight training but was concerned about his shoulders. He did not want to re-injure them.

Adam joined Mike Duffy’s Personal Training and was taken through a Post-Rehab Exercise Plan. His personal trainer provided him with the corrective exercises, stretches & mobility movements to slowly bring him back to normal. Adam worked diligently through the process of performing scheduled progressive movements over time and now he is able to safely lift weights that he and his doctors never thought he would lift again.

A great work ethic & determination combined with the right training program put Adam back on track again.

If you have any type of orthopedic injury and are looking to get back into working out again. Look for a Post Re-Hab Certified Personal Trainer with plenty of experience to help get you safely back to where your were and beyond. Mike Duffy’s Personal Training is a great place to find Post Re-Hab Certified Personal Trainers.