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Phil Russamano lost 35 lbs following our nutrition and training program. Phil works out three times a week with one of our trainers, Dylan Reid. Phil also comes in and runs on the treadmill for extra cardiovascular work. Phil was stuck at his 35 lbs weight loss number for a couple of weeks.

We met with Phil and asked him to write down everything he ate for 3 days to see if there was something he was doing wrong. “I am eating perfectly-not cheating.”

A couple days later Phil handed in his 3 day diet recall and said, “I know what you are going to say before you say it. I am not eating enough.” Phil was exactly right, he was not cheating, as a mater of fact he was eating all the right foods in the right percentages however, he was not eating nearly enough.

Phil increased the amount of food he was eating for a week and LOST 3 lbs. The following week he was DOWN another 2 lbs. “I can’t believe I am eating more and losing weight!”

Just like eating too much, eating too little can cause your body to stop losing weight. If you are stuck at a plateau and can’t lose weight, try eating a little more at each meal or just write down what you ate for 3 days and bring it in to us. We will give you great advice, just ask Phil!