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Skip is an amazing individual. He was an excellent athlete, a prominent businessman and a social life anyone would be jealous of. He was the type of client that could do anything. Then I got the phone call, “Skip has been in a horrible accident.” After a couple months in a coma, almost a year in the hospital and multiple surgeries on his back, neck, arm, ankle, knee and brain Skip came walking back into the studio with a walker. Barely able to walk and difficult to understand the one time physical specimen was a shell of his former self.

It was hard to believe that this was the Skip I used to train like an animal but he was here to work with me and I was ready for the challenge. We spent many long hours in the gym for a couple of years but Skip has worked his way back through solid determination like I have never seen before.

Once you see this video it will eliminate every excuse you have ever had not to workout.