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Kim Fredericks reported in today and now has dropped 27 lbs of fat off her body. Kim had great results after 6 weeks on the nutrition plan. She continued the program to improve her health. She went for her regular check up and her doctor was very pleased. Kim’s A1C was very high but after being on our nutrition plan it was now normal-no more diabetes concerns. Her cholesterol went from 256 to 219, a 37 point drop. Kim’s triglycerides also dropped 1o3 points, going from 253 down to 150. Due to Kim’s hard work and dedication her doctor reduced her cholesterol meds in half! Kim’s goal (and ours!) is to hear her doctor say, “Kim, your blood work is so good I want to take you off your medications.”

You can control your health with proper nutrition. We can work with you just as we have with Kim and hundreds of other clients. If you are looking to lose weight and get healthy give us a call.