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Karyn Toffolo

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Karyn Toffolo

Karyn has been in the wellness space for over 6 years as a Strength Coach & Holistic Nutritionist.   She started her wellness journey in 2010 graduating with a BS in nutrition at CW Post LIU.  She continued to get various nutrition certifications through Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2015) and the International Science of Sports Nutrition (2018).  Realizing the relationship movement and nutrition have on each other, she became certified as a NASM Personal Trainer in 2016.  She uses various fitness modalities with her clients including kettlebells, trx, barbells, boxing drills, and conditioning.  Karyn focuses on empowering her clients to become more mindful of their daily patterns and habits. Her mission is to create a mindset shift from “I have to do this” to “I want to do this!”  Karyn is passionate in her work to build a community that can sustain their new lifestyle all while having fun.



  • University of Vermont, Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, 2019
  • FlexDiet Course, Certified in Metabolic Flexibility, 2019
  • ISSN, Certified Sports Nutritionist, 2018
  • FRC, Certified Functional Range Specialist, 2017
  • CFSC, Certified Functional Strength Coach, 2017
  • NASM, Personal Trainer Certification , 2016
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach Certification, 2015
Karyn Toffolo