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I cannot tell you the impact Mike Duffy has had on my life –
For years and years, probably since my teens, I have suffered from food intolerance’s – I didn’t know it at the time, and I didn’t even know it until now. I was “diagnosed” as having IBS – no one ever really says what this is. I know they come to this conclusion because you don’t test positive for anything else! I was given an anti-spasmodic and sent on my way. So I have been living with a nervous, upset stomach a good majority of my life. I never knew what was going to upset my stomach and cause problems for me. It becomes a head game as well.

My trainer Susan and I were talking about Mike and his 21 day program for awhile. I thought it was a “diet” and I didn’t think I needed one. She convinced me that he was extremely knowledgeable about food and nutrition. This is where I needed to start to try to change my life. And it really has.
He put me on the 21 day plan to eliminate most of what I had been eating previously. It has changed me completely – honestly- for the first time in months my stomach feels calm and normal. I love the food.

I know what I should be eating and what not to eat. The foods that I thought I loved and needed to have are no longer an issue – I don’t crave anything. I also lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks on this program. For me this is a lifestyle change that I will continue for the rest of my life.
If I didn’t have Mike I don’t know if I could have continued – the change is confusing at first, and he answers all types of questions, ones I’m sure he’s heard over and over – but you need to grasp the concept and be able to follow through and having him there makes all the difference. He sends me articles all the time about how things may be impacting my life. It’s fabulous – I cant tell you how happy and appreciative I am to have him in my corner. Thanks Mike, for everything.