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Fran Berley lost 16 lbs in only 21 Days during our 21 Day Reset Program which was a combination of nutrition and exercise. Her body fat dropped almost 6%. Fran followed the nutrition advice of her nutrition counselor Rose Dowe  and participated in boot camp classes.

Fran updated us 3 weeks later:

Hey Mike,

I wanted to be in touch to let you know that I am down another 10 lbs since the 3 weeks ended (26 lbs since 3/7). The program has truly been a reset for me and it is very exciting!  I’m very motivated toward my end goal. I continue to be gluten and cow dairy free! Let me know if you’ve added any new recipes I should try.

Thank you so much! I will keep you updated along my journey.”

All the best,
Fran Berley