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“Three years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I was happy. I obviously wasn’t happy to have cancer, but for years I struggled with severe fatigue and about a 25 pound weight gain. I was happy that they finally found a reason. After surgery and radiation, I was sure I would get back to normal. But after 3 years of tests and medications, I was still tired and overweight. I tried Weight Watchers, the Flat Belly Diet, the Thyroid Diet…any diet I thought may help. Even after a clear broth diet for 5 days (due to illness) I only lost one pound!  I worked out as much as I could (I was still very tired) but there was no change. My friend talked me into seeing Mike Duffy and learning about his nutritional plan. After 3 days on this diet I couldn’t believe the change. I stopped all of my additional meds for energy, I could work all day and still work out when I got home, and I finally started to lose weight. It’s not the easiest diet I have ever been on, but I will stay with it. Every now and then I still just stop and am amazed by how good I feel. I have energy all day, I am never hungry, and I am continuing to lose weight!”

Amy Lepping