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After Damaris Adamo won the Winter 2017 Body Fat Challenge by losing 23 lbs of fat, 11.83% body fat and winning $2,500 for her 6 week effort, she wrote about what she had to overcome and how our program helped her:
“My back was broken in 2005
In 2013 I had life saving emergency surgery.
I was the 1 in 1.1million people to have what is called Cauda Equina Syndrome.
The months leading up to the surgery I was managing the pain with up to 4000mg a day of Advil!
 I had a less than 70% chance I would be partially (or entirely) paralyzed in my right leg.
Additionally, I was told I may have to be cathetered for several months or even have a colonoscopy bag and may never regain any feeling in the “saddle region”.
I was 40.
The results of the surgury and recovery were outstanding!
I am ecstatic to tell you none of the above came to fruition.
The one thing I did not see coming: Ulcers.
Basically small holes in the lining of my stomach, small intestine and esophagus.
(Let’s go back to when I said I was doing up to 4000 mg of nsaids a day)
I have been on protonix for about 3 years now to manage the acidic gastric flare-ups. Imagine heartburn on crack.
Through your programs I have been able to achieve results that I did not otherwise thing possible!
( finishing a biathlon this past summer)
Lowering my cholesterol.
Pain management.
Better and uninterrupted sleep.
I am looking forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle and spreading the good word about the work you do and a service you provide!”