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Mike Savin of Toms River contacted me back in June of 2016 to help him lose weight but more importantly to bring down his cholesterol and Triglycerides. He had just received a poor blood test report from his doctor and he was worried about his health. Mike had been working out all the time on his own but that was not the answer. He needed to improve his nutrition. 8 weeks later after being on the Body Fat Challenge nutrition plan he had amazing improvements in his blood test results. He dropped his total cholesterol by 43 points and his triglycerides dropped over 200 points all by just changing his nutrition. Mike also lost 17.5 lbs of fat during this time. Mike didn’t starve, he ate foods he liked and learned how to eat for the rest of his life. He is happy with his results and is on the road to a healthier life.



“I have known Mike Duffy for 30 years and finally listened to him in regards to healthy living.  I went to him after going to the cardiologist and reviewing my blood work.  I had to make some major changes and did not want to go on medication.  Mike reviewed his program with me and I adjusted my eating habits. In this short period of time I  achieved these results. Can’t wait to see how the results are in another 8 weeks.” Mike Savin