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Bob Beehler started on our nutrition plan 10 weeks ago. He came in from Florida for his 3rd nutrition session. He handed me his prescriptions for his blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds. His doctor said he did not need them any more. After being on them for 13 years he is finally able to get off those meds.

If you remember, Bob was taking muscle relaxers for a very long time to help with his back pain. After 4 weeks he was able to stop taking them and 10 weeks later he is still pain free.

Not only did Bob achieve his weight loss goal (45.5 lbs) and body fat percentage goal (he is no longer in the “lean” percentage for his age group after being in the “obese” section 10 weeks ago) but attained his HEALTH goal of having his doctor take him off his medications.

This is what happens at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training. It’s a culture, it’s a place to be educated, it’s a place to get healthy, it’s a place to get results.