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On December 12, 2018 Joe Keosseian had a routine blood test. Joe immediately contacted me because he was concerned with the results. His total Cholesterol was 247, LDL’s 202, HDL 20 and Triglycerides 114. His doctor wanted to put him on Cholesterol Medication but he didn’t want to take any drugs.

We went over a nutrition plan with the one goal of improving his Cholesterol numbers. “Mike had me reduce my starches such as breads, pasta and cereals as well as having me stop drinking soda. What surprised me was that we did not touch my fat intake at all.”

Joe’s next blood test was March 28th, 2019 just 3 1/2 months later. Joe was ecstatic when he received the results. My Cholesterol dropped 116 points to 131! My other numbers were also impressive. My HDL increased to 44 a 24 point increase! My Triglycerides decreased to 90, a 24 point drop and most impressively my bad Cholesterol, the LDL’s, dropped to 63, a 139 point decrease!

I have seen how Mike has helped other people lower their Cholesterol without drugs and I am so glad I took Mike’s advice and changed my nutrition instead of taking a drug. I feel so much better!